Get Started

We're excited you're here, we want to help you get started on  your next fundraiser. Did you know, by supporting GIVIT you're choosing one of the only charities where 100% of publicly donated money goes towards helping people in need?

How would you like to fundraise?

Here are a few ideas to get started. Grab your colleagues, friends and family to make your fundraiser the best it can possibly be. 

GIVIT at work

Hold a morning tea or organise a fancy-dress Friday at work, all in the generous spirit to help with the real need. 

GIVIT at home

Bring your community together to raise funds to help match your generosity with real need. 

GIVIT your all

Get physical and set a goal, add a fundraiser and smash it! 

GIVIT by giving up

Give up a habit like alcohol, coffee, chocolate or social media and GIVIT up for those in need.  

GIVIT to celebrate

Give up your gifts for the next special occasion and ask to GIVIT instead.

GIVIT at an event

Host a BBQ, trivia night or morning tea to GIVIT to those in need.  

How to get started

With three simple steps, you can be on your way to fundraising for those in need.

Find an idea

Get inspired and GIVIT your way at home, work or the next special event.

Register your fundraiser

Register your fundraiser, select which cause the funds will be donated to and then get started.

Start fundraising

Now you're all set so tell your friends, colleagues and team mates!

Are you a corporate?

GIVIT is lucky to receive the generosity of many businesses to help real need. 

If you are a large corporate business and have specific needs to start your fundraiser, please email us directly.

This way we can tailor the program specifically for you and your unique business.

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