Why Fundraise?

When you start your fundraiser you will be able to select from multiple appeals. These includes supporting GIVIT so we can continue our purpose of matching generosity with genuine need.

Why support GIVIT?

By fundraising for GIVIT you are helping us continue to deliver our main purpose of matching generosity with genuine need.  

We are one of the only charities that give 100% of all public donated money directly to the appeal it's intended for. In doing so, we need to find ways to continue to be able to deliver our purpose. 

But operating an online donation platform doesn’t come cheap, or easy. Our commitment to direct 100% of publicly donated money to people in need means we rely heavily on generous donors to help us cover operational costs.

Make sure you select GIVIT as your appeal to help us do what we do!

Our impact so far

GIVIT has coordinated the donation of over 5.5 million items and services from more than 4,500 organisations.

Our giving commun
ity has helped us change so many lives.

5.5 million

items and services have been given directly to those in need

Over 4,500

support organisations we're working with around Australia

377 Tonnes

of items have been diverted to help people in need in 2022 alone

What does GIVIT do?

GIVIT is a national online non-profit organisation which allows requests directly from those in need to those who can GIVIT.  

GIVIT utilises technology to provide a coordinated and transparent solution to donation management.  

Through GIVIT, all donation offers are captured online, removing the need for communities to receive, sort, store and dispose of donations they don’t need.  

This enables local organisations to focus on their core service, supporting the physical, psychological and social impacts of vulnerable people. 

Other appeals to support

If you choose not to support GIVIT for your fundraiser here are other appeals you can support.

First Nations Support

Give to First Nations Australians experiencing hardship by fundraising for this appeal. Through GIVIT, your generosity can change health and wellbeing outcomes.  

Storms and Flooding

Thousands of people have been displaced in the recent 2022 floods, with many people left with nothing. Recovery is going to take a long time.

Domestic and Family Violence

You can help people experiencing, escaping and being impacted by domestic and family violence by raising funds to help give what's needed. 

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