GIVIT has helped thousands of Australians facing hardship by providing essential items & services.

Please, donate now to help us support people in need.

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Can help support someone experiencing homelessness.
Can help support a family escaping domestic violence.
Can help support people impacted by a natural disaster.

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Over 7.7 million

Items and services provided to people in need across Australia. 

More than 4,500

The number of organisations we work with to provide help where it's needed.


The number of items and services urgently needed by Australians.

Why support GIVIT?

GIVIT works with thousands of Australian charities to meet the genuine needs of the people and families they support.

By supporting GIVIT, you're helping people experiencing homelessness or financial hardship, families impacted by domestic violence, people living with a disability, First Nations communities, refugees and migrants, and people impacted by disaster.

Please, support GIVIT today to ensure we can continue helping Australians to get the essential items and services they need, when they need them. Should you wish to fund an item for someone in need, please visit our What's Needed page.

The impact of your gift

"...GIVIT changed my and my child's world today (in a way that the words 'saved us' would not be an exaggeration).

I don't have words for how grateful I am, but I feel unimaginable relief at a time I was genuinely starting to fear what would become of us."

Emily* who received vouchers for groceries, medication and furniture after being affected by floods.

"I just want to thank you... so so much for the laptop and mouse I received today.

I had to hold back the biggest flood of tears. Technology, computers, devices and the internet are what set me free on even the worst days. Now I'm unstoppable! Thank you!"

Jen*, a woman with a disability and in financial hardship who received a laptop.

"There was such genuine relief and gratitude from the family to have one less worry.

These experiences also impact positively on [social and housing] workers. Improved outcomes, improved work satisfaction, improved wellbeing, hope!"

Tilly* who uses GIVIT in her role at a homeless organisation, after providing a family with back-to-school items for their children.

Meet BJ


BJ lives with a physical disability and is non-verbal. He lives in 24-hour supported living accommodation and attends a disability support centre four days per week.

His favourite hobby is filming with a go-pro, then editing the footage on one of the centre's laptops. BJ loves showing these videos to his dad during their visits.

GIVIT provided BJ with his very own laptop, allowing BJ to create these videos from home, stay in touch with his friends and family, and access support services.

BJ's carer, Shirley, said it had been a while since they'd seen him smile so much. During GIVIT Engagement Officer Danni's visit, he said 'thank you' in sign language over and over!