Why not give a gift of generosity?

In lieu of a gift for a loved one, why not donate the value to help GIVIT continue to match your generosity with those in genuine need?

  • Wendy Atkinson just donated $105.50
  • Ian gaye Davis just donated $104.50
  • Evolution just donated $45000.00
  • Carcoar & District Pony Club just donated $709.09
  • Orange just donated $11536.20
  • Anonymous just donated $205.00
  • Anonymous just donated $20.50
  • Anonymous just donated $105.50
  • Anonymous just donated $20.00
  • Tiffany Chapman just donated $2.00
  • Ryley Fuller just donated $5.00
  • Ricardo Neves just donated $60.00
  • Saikiran Ramini just donated $10.00
  • Mark Gellert just donated $103.00
  • Kate Bruce just donated $10.00
  • Johnny Lim just donated $5.00
  • Ioanna Vogiatzis just donated $55.00
  • Gregory Voukelatos just donated $10.00
  • Angela White just donated $10.00
  • Wendy just donated $63.30

How would you like to fundraise?

Can't find the fundraiser type that's right for you? Get in touch by emailing us info@givit.org.au

GIVIT your all

Get physical and set a goal, add a fundraiser and smash it! 

GIVIT at home

Bring your community together to raise funds to help match your generosity with real need. 

GIVIT to celebrate

Give up your gifts for the next special occasion and ask to GIVIT instead.

GIVIT by giving up

Give up a habit like coffee, chocolate or social media and GIVIT up.

How to get started

With three simple steps, you can be on your way to fundraising for those in need.

Find an idea

Get inspired and GIVIT your way at home, work or the next special event.

Register your fundraiser

Register your fundraiser, select which cause the funds will be donated to and then get started.

Start fundraising

Now you're all set so tell your friends, colleagues and team mates!

Why fundraise for GIVIT?

When people GIVIT, 100% of the funds go directly to the chosen cause. By fundraising GIVIT, you can assist in allowing our operations to continue to impact many peoples lives. 

Fundraising at work

Fundraising as a business

Are you a business looking to set up a fundraising pledge or event so your employees can get involed?

Fundraising at your work

Rattle those tins and GIVIT your best at your work. Hold a morning tea, trivia night, or sell chocolates to help those in need.


How GIVIT has helped those in need

“A massive thank you to Sharon from GIVIT for donating all these beautiful items!

Everything we need to make a young person moving into our TAP accommodation feel comfortable. (Pillows, doona, bed cover set, lamp, bedside table, extension cord, floor mat). Wow! Thank you!!"

Youth Futures WA

"I really don’t know what we’d do without you guys at the moment. Requests for help are around 300 families per month, our largest number in the history of BGH & our volunteers (me included) are finding hard when we can’t fill requests.

Thank you so much for all that you & the team at GIVIT do to help us help these families."

Jill at Big Group Hug

"Our Specialist Homelessness Support client left a serious long term DV relationship with her two children, and was living in one bedroom in a friend's place.

Our client's home was nearly complete, but there was one thing missing. With the support of GIVIT and our generous community, we were able to help our client find a brand new washing machine with a voucher donated to her."

Help received from Momentum Collective

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