LFRA Gala Awards Online Auction

By Philippa Kelly

Help me support GIVIT to match generosity with real need

I’m fundraising to help GIVIT continue to match generosity with real need.  

GIVIT is one of the only charities that directs 100% of publicly donated funds straight towards helping people who need it most 

GIVIT has coordinated the donation of over 5.5 million items and services via more than 4,500 organisations. Their generous community of givers has helped them change so many lives 

But operating an online donation platform requires funding and expertise. GIVIT's commitment to direct 100% of publicly donated money to people in need means they rely heavily on generous donors to help them cover operational costs.   

By donating to my fundraiser to Support GIVIT, we’ll be helping them to continue to ensure Australia’s most vulnerable people get exactly what they need, when they need it.

Thank you to my Sponsors


De Luca Corporation

Thanks for an amazing evening, Philippa and for supporting such a great cause.


George Gelavis

Well done to the LFRA for organising a great night and raising funds for a very important cause


Steve Mansfield


Fi Murray


Matt Thiselton

Thank you for another great LFRA gala awards night.


Lucy Rasdell

Fantastic night and great catching up with old workmates.


Bravo Fit


David Krolikowski

Fantastic night, LFRA team! Congratulations to all involved, including sponsors and the providers of the auction items.


Ethan Wright

Great night, and even better cause!


Jackie Robb


Dome Property Group


Chris Parry


Iris Marcos

Great event as always!


Daniel Rowe


Kathryn Evans


Chris Goodman

Thank you Philippa and Michelle and the whole LFRA team for a great night and successful event.


Kate Farr


Garrath Holdstock


Jessica Grebert

Great night


Peter Cahill

Great night LFRA!


Adam Spiteri

Philippa and Michelle, Congratulations on such a wonderful night


Tim Mcdonnell


Sam Macgregor

Hi Philippa, I won the Meat & Wine Co Voucher


Jessica Bailey

Congrats LFRA team on an amazing event.


Kelly Eve Allison


Anthony Grice

Thanks to Philippa, Michelle and the LFRA Team for a fabulous night. Thanks also to the Sponsors.


Jason Charles


Jeff Klopper


Alison Wolshaw


Andrew Duggan


Julie Lanham


Lachlan Macgregor

Hi Phillippa, thanks for a great event! Glad to give to a great charity like givit!


Joshua Weaver


Cassandra Hasan


Angus Greenwood


Angela Markby

Thank you for a great night


Michelle Wong


Mark Hilder


Drew Dickson Architects

Great night!


Petbarn .


Georgina Harris


Major Media National Signage Solutions

You know how to put on an event! Well done LFRA.