Suzy French Art Gives

By Suzy French

Help me support GIVIT to match generosity with real need

I would like to offer 10% of all original art sales in the month of December.

I’m fundraising to help GIVIT continue to match generosity with real need.  

GIVIT is one of the only charities that directs 100% of publicly donated funds straight towards helping people who need it most 

GIVIT has coordinated the donation of over 5.5 million items and services via more than 4,500 organisations. Their generous community of givers has helped them change so many lives 

But operating an online donation platform requires funding and expertise. GIVIT's commitment to direct 100% of publicly donated money to people in need means they rely heavily on generous donors to help them cover operational costs.   

By donating to my fundraiser to Support GIVIT, we’ll be helping them to continue to ensure Australia’s most vulnerable people get exactly what they need, when they need it.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Suzy French