Promote your fundraiser

Here are some ways to help your promte your next fundraiser with GIVIT.

Information to start your fundraiser

Here is some information on getting started to promote your fundraiser

Assets to promote your fundraiser

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You can view the assets here for your support GIVIT fundraiser.

If you are fundraising for an appeal other then GIVIT,  you will have received assets specific to your appeal which you can use to promote your fundraiser. You can use these materials across social media, at your event or premises. 


GIVIT name & logo use

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GIVIT is unable to grant permission for use of the official GIVIT logo to fundraisers. Instead you are able to use our official ‘community supporter logo’ which is available for download under the resources section.

When using the GIVIT name to promote your event or fundraiser it is important that the promotion isn't implying it is managed by GIVIT but rather "in support of GIVIT". 

Media materials

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All media materials and press releases must be approved by GIVIT prior to circulation. Please send your press release to 

Please allow 10 business days for approval. When speaking with the media it is important to remember that you are not speaking on behalf of GIVIT or as a representative of GIVIT.

Four ideas on how to promote your fundraiser

Here are four ways to get your fundraiser started!

Post on social media

Reach out to your community on LinkedIn or your friends and family on Facebook and Instagram with your fundraising page. 

Send a message

Message your friends and family on whatsapp, messenger or a text message with the link to your fundraising page.

Send an email

Create an email using the example text provided and send it to all of your friends and family. 

Host an event

Bring your people to you by hosting a BBQ in a park, morning tea at work or a lunch at home and send the link to your fundraising page.

Stay Updated

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