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By G3 Fitness Stanhope Gardens

Help me support people impacted by the floods

I’m fundraising to help people impacted by the floods in Queensland and New South Wales. Communities have been devastated, lives have been lost, and thousands of people have been displaced and left with nothing. Recovery is going to take a long time.

Donations will go to GIVIT’s Storms and Flooding Appeal, and will be used to purchase essential items and services for those affected. 100% of publicly donated money received by GIVIT for the Storms and Flooding Appeal is used to buy exactly what’s needed, when it’s needed. Where possible, GIVIT buys locally to support the economic recovery of impacted regions.

GIVIT is working with the Queensland and New South Wales Governments, as well as support organisations, charities, outreach teams and community groups to identify exactly what’s needed to help people recover.

Thank you to my Sponsors


G3 Stanhope Gardens

Mick and I are proud of all our members and guests who came together as a collective to raised funds for such a worthy cause! Well done team G3 Stanhope Gardens




Sesi Was Here 🥳

Amazing work my fam !! much ofas ! 💕💪🏼


Maureen P

Great work Team G3 donating to the this worthy cause !


Mel De Munck

Always going above and beyond to help anyone and everyone you can in any way. Amazing work Team G3.




Danita Brunt

Helping ppl is the best!


Michell Tuuhetoka

Love you G3 fam! Love the work youre doing ❤️



Proud of you for always trying to better not only your direct community, but the greater community at large as well! My inspiration ❤️



Great initiative to help those in need


Jacinta Houng


Alison Stewart


Kat Montes


Chrissy B

Amazing work G3 team 🤙 Always going above and beyond 🧡🖤


Nikki And Shane

Can’t make it on the day but happy to donate and well done for organising and thinking of people impacted by the floods



Amazing work guys x


Jules Ft

The best team 🖤🧡


All Blacks


Jaiden Ranford

Amazing work team ❤️