GIVIT Back Game

GIVIT has teamed up with corporate team building company, Banana Life, to bring you a creative adventure game that has your group come together to lend a hand to people in need in real time!

Complete a variety of tasks, quizzes and challenges, to earn points that get turned into donation dollars and spent on the GIVIT website to support people in need!

Why Get Involved?

Meet your CSR goals

It’s a win-win, your team gets a fun day out whilst giving back to GIVIT. By supporting GIVIT you'll make an immediate positive impact in the community.

Support 4,600 charities

By supporting GIVIT we'll be able to continue helping thousands of Australians in need.


GIVIT is a registered charity with DGR status and your donation amount is tax deductible.

Cause of choice

At the end of the game, earned team points convert to "GIVIT dollars" and participants can select an item from the GIVIT website to help someone in need. 

How It Works

Nominate Donation

You nominate the total Donation Amount that is available for your teams to ‘win’.

Download App

Meet for a briefing and download the GIVIT Back app.

Get Competitive

Teams play the GIVIT Back Game, earning points for every mission they complete. Their place on the leaderboard dictates how much of the total Donation Amount they 'win' for their team.

Choose Your Impact

We demonstrate how to use the GIVIT website. Each team reviews and selects which causes to support with their 'winnings'.

Download the GIVIT Back Game pack now

Choose from these location options, or choose the GIVIT Back Game Lite which can be played anywhere!

Sth East QLD

Prices start from $1,999


Prices start from $3,399


Prices start from $3,599

Lite - Online

Prices start from $1,250

Get Involved

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