$150 = $1800 community benefit!


This is a honorary donation gift. The person you're donating on behalf of will receive a digital gift certificate. 

Please note: 

You, as the purchaser, will receive a tax receipt via email for your donation along with a thank you card. The receiver of your donation will receive an email with a gift certificate as soon as you purchase.  

If this gift is intended as a surprise, we recommend you put your email address in the recipient email field so you receive the gift certificate and can share it directly with them. 

This is not a physical product, and it cannot be redeemed as cash or used on to fund requests. This donation will be allocated to support GIVIT. 

Did you know that for every $1 donated to help GIVIT do it's work, GIVIT delivers $12 benefit to the community!

GIVIT's commitment to direct 100% of publicly donated money to people in need means they rely heavily on generous donors, like you, to help them cover operational costs. The money you have donated here will be going towards supporting the operations of GIVIT so we can continue our great work.